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Sitting at the Father's Side Fact Sheet

Sitting at the Father's Side Fact Sheet

With the Sitting at the Father’s Side Fact Sheet, you will learn:


  • Father's truth about what happens when you wait, practice the concept of being, meditate, engage in contemplative prayer, or soak in His presence for extended periods of time when He is not necessarily speaking
  • How you may be entertaining angels unaware as you sup with Him and what they are doing without your knowledge
  • How to position yourself for spiritual and workplace promotion
  • How to be ushered into the divine, glorious connections that hold the key to your destiny
  • How to access the places in the Spirit where glorious encounters reside
  • And so much more . . .


The aim of this resource is to provoke you to move you closer to the Father's side. If this is your goal, this is the resource for you to enter into Father's garden.

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