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We meet monthly in an undisclosed location around 30 minutes from Orlando, FL. Once you reserve your seat, you will receive all the pertinent information. Reserve your seat here. Also, we meet regularly in our very own online learning community. This is a loving space where you can grow, connect with likeminded believers, and fellowship. To join us, go here.

As Father leads, we cover the earth with His glory in five specific locations. Learn more about the Glory Tours here. Whether you attend a glory tour stop, a regular service, or connect with us in the online community, you can expect the following 10 functions:

  1. The saving, healing, delivering, and sealing of souls (Holy Spirit is a seal).

  2. Signs

  3. Wonders

  4. Miracles

  5. Freedom

  6. Spontaneity

  7. No playing; just praying

  8. The reviving, refreshing, glorious presence of Yehovah God

  9. The supernatural ministry of the Spirit of Truth

  10. Vibrant worship

That’s enough with the adjectives. You will just have to connect with us for an out-of-this-world experience.

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