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Ascending Into the Office of Apostle

Ascending Into the Office of Apostle

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All of sudden it seems like things in your life have gone haywire. Indeed, it is just plain ole difficult to do the same things you have done in times past. Disciples are leaving, contracts and jobs are being lost. You are finding yourself needing to explain and defend your beliefs, convictions, doctrine, good name, reputation, and teachings. You hear Father leading you to give up your rights, even the right to be right, and to give up placing importance on your credentials. You are dying more frequently. You know He's calling you to a higher, and even unexplainable standard. Truth be told, there are some things He's telling you to do without any explanation at all. You are being stretched financially, emotionally, spiritually, ministerially, and professionally. If this sounds like what you, or someone you know, are experiencing, you are ascending into the office of apostle.


In this ascension guidebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify if you are in the middle of apostolic ascension without even knowing it because of the unique commission to this office
  • Cope with disciples who will not go up with you into the office of apostle
  • Posture yourself for the supernatural flowing through you each and everyday
  • Enter into supernatural rest
  • Pray like an apostle and distinguish what’s different about apostolic versus prophetic prayer
  • Define the apostolic and discover the difference between the apostle and an apostolic anointing
  • Understand the way Father uses your disciples to catapult you into the office
  • Sidestep the unique sets of difficulties prophets have with rising up as an apostle
  • Level your expectations about how long it takes to fully transition and settle in your new rank in the heavenlies (there are 24 sign posts you will be able to measure)
  • Begin moving in the supernatural
  • Shift into full-time ministry in a way that establishes a wealth pattern and financial freedom
  • Wage war, with ease, against the enemies of the supernatural
  • And so much more


Ascending into the office of apostle requires an extra measure of grace. The climb is not for the weak or faint in heart. Also, the journey should not be endured alone. You need to be prepared for awaits you at the pinnacle of the apostolic mountain. This thorough preparatory guidebook will shine the light on:


  • The difficulties of ascending into the office of apostle and how to navigate them with grace and joy
  • The difference between the true and false apostle in the eyes of God
  • The intricacies of your role as a birther of the Kingdom
  • How to administrate the role a spiritual parent in a way that allows you to be itinerant
  • When and when not to use the title apostle and why it even matters anyway, and no it has nothing to do with using the title of bishop versus apostle
  • Apostolic keys, authority, rank, metrons, territories
  • And everything you want and need to know about fully ascending into the office of apostle


This rich, glory resource was birthed in an incubator full of leaders that were rising into the office. Real-time experiences, questions, and interviews make up the content in this timeless treasure. Consider this your classroom, and this book is your manual. You will feel like you are surrounded by a company of apostles who bear witness to all you are and all you will experience as you ascend into the office of apostle, God’s top tier, first-position leader. If you are prophet that suspects you are being propelled into the apostolic, if you want to know more about the office because you serve an apostle, or if you desire to learn more about the apostolic, this book has your name all over it.


Beloved, to be guided into this apostolic ascension journey, pick up the Kindle or Paperback version on Amazon


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