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By Faith

By Faith


This resource was birthed in the middle of transition and promotion in ministry and business. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a huge transition or promotion, you know, in the realm of the Spirit, you sense the betwixt and between state and it feels like you are out in the middle of nowhere. You are not quite where He promised and destined you to be, and you are not standing in the old place you used to be either. Yet, you are comfortable being uncomfortable and unsure of yourself and the new direction He’s leading you into. All you know is that you must trust (i.e., stand in the highest level of faith) and obey without full understanding in order to find yourself standing in the new place He’s showing you.

This By Faith resource ushers you into that place by releasing a fresh measure of faith into your atmosphere. There are 34 living, non-negotiable words of Yeshua (Jesus) that you need to hear to lay hold of all by faith. This resource is a 25-minute audio and a two-page document to be printed and posted so you can see as well as hear what Holy Spirit is saying to you. Ascension leaders, crossover now by faith with this resource.


Create your new worlds with you words. How? By Faith! Start shaping it now.

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