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Is it the job, the boss, you . . . or are you an entrepreneur? Find your career

Is it the job, the boss, you . . . or are you an entrepreneur? Find your career

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Welcome to Find Career! I'm so excited God led you here to find the career and entrepreneurial answers you have been praying for.


Find - Latin word pons meaning bridge and the Greek work pontos meaning sea. Find is a transitive verb meaning to discover by study, to perceive oneself to be in a certain place or condition, to gain or regain the use or power of, to come into the realization of one's power or of one's proper sphere of activity. So when I use the word find in the above subtitle, this is not only the intended meaning, but my prayer and desire for all who read this book. Yes, a successful transition over the bridge into the enormous sea of discovery and realization of the power of God within you as the wind beneath your sails guiding you into your proper sphere of career influence.


Child of God, are you one who:


  • Stays caught up in the vicious cycle of job after job
  • Starts a new career every one to three years
  • Rapidly advances to the top, but still feels stifled by office politics, poor management, downsizing, and unfulfilled work
  • Lacks the knowledge and tools to attain the type of job you want
  • Experiences difficulty handling the annual slap-in-the-face performance appraisal


With this guidebook you will be armed to:


  • Interview with grace, wisdom, and ease
  • Create a polished resume
  • Write one mean cover letter
  • Rightly evaluate a job offer
  • Stand out with gratefulness and appreciation via the thank you for interview letter
  • Come out of the performance appraisal a winner


Once armed with the above tools, a bridge exists in between discovering if it's the boss, the job, you, or if you are an entrepreneur.


The bridge consists of:


  • Exploring new occupations and positions
  • Uncovering what's up the road in your career
  • Outlining entrepreneurial traits
  • Ascertaining if entrepreneurism is right for you


                                      Crossing Over . . .


If you are an entrepreneur, then you will be given the foundational tools to help you get started in business.


You'll be armed with the techniques to:


  • Establish the business structure that is right for you . . . now and later
  • Develop a budget
  • Hire or fire vendors
  • Create a thriving online network
  • Secure business insurance
  • Plan an event without costly mistakes
  • Keep the entrepreneurial juices flowing
  • Master tax strategy wisdom


Why did I write this book?


To see you arrive at the career destination God intends sooner rather than later. It took me 20 plus years of fumbling around in Corporate America. God knows I don't want the same for you. If I can help you get there with less stress in half the time with the right tools and attitude, then allowing God to use me to write this book was worth it. Accomplishing this will fill me with unspeakable joy!


What qualifies me to write this book?


  • A successful journey from Corporate America to business owner
  • Helped others discern the need to change and develop more character, not change jobs



    By placing an order for this physical product, you agree that you are studying to yourself approved as an able workman unto the LORD. This means that while you may be able to deduct your investment on your tax return (i.e., check with your accountant), the investment in your spiritual growth is nonrefundable. In certain, and rare, instances, the leaders may apply a credit or a coupon to another resource. However, books, digital downloads, videos, and audios are investments, which will be nonrefundable.


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