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The Making Book

The Making Book

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The Making is a 200-page book that will take you into the heart of God for leadership. You are home, child of God. You can throw away all the books from corporate on leadership and eradicate the age-old debate: “Are leaders born, made, or some combination of both?”

By the time you are finished reading this book, you will have pinpointed exactly where you are in the leadership development process, and the glory of Yehovah God should be clearly visible to you and working through you. Say, “bye, bye” to the guessing and questioning! You never have to say, “Are we there yet, God?” again. Nor, will you find yourself asking, “How will I become a glorious vessel?”

This is the manual (outlining the leadership preparation process) that you have been waiting for. Let’s begin the journey.  Before you begin the making journey, we want to leave you with this:  "This book will topple over all the leadership idols, and it's high time to do so."

Lovingly and wisely,

Karen M. Pina

God’s Daughter
Karen M. Pina


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